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Take Action

Join Us in Our Effort to Improve Patient Care through Nurse-to-Patient Ratios

1. See if your House Representative and State Senator is on the Safe Staffing Bill.

Follow the links and click on "History" to find who is a supporter:

House Bill: House Bill #147

Senate Bill: Senate Bill #742

2. Contact your House Representative and State Senator and ask them to support safe staffing legislation in Pennsylvania (House Bill 147 and Senate Bill 742)

Contact your legislators via phone calls, handwritten letters, and email. Provide them with some insight into your job as a front-line nurse. Tell them why you support safe staffing legislation. Share a personal story with them. Hand written letters and personal phone calls are always the best methods of communication. To find out who your legislators are, follow the links and fill in form on top right "Find Members"

Look up your House Representative's address and phone number

Look up your State Senator's address and phone number

For more information on how to contact your legislator, contact Kathleen at PASNAP at 610-567-2907x113

3. Show Your Support for Ratios by Signing Our Petition

PASNAP communicates with legislators about the widespread support for RN-to-patient ratios. To help us demonstrate this support, sign the petition below:


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