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Temple Jeanes Hospital

Officers & Representatives

Chrys Chareczko (ER) President
Donna Lee (CCU) President
Dawn Smith (CCU) Vice President
Sandy West (4A) Treasurer
Colleen Dunn (SPU) Secretary
Debbie Bilse (OR) Grievance Chairperson
Chris Chareczko (ER) Board Member at Large
Mary Feeny (5A) Board Member at Large

Unit Representatives

Denise Gubicza 3C
Dana Bellano 4A
Sandy West 4A
Stacy Georgekutty 4A
Lina Madres 4B
Joy Jayme 4B
Mariam Duggins 4B
Cherylin Coffee 4B
Sheela George 4B
Aleymma Mathew 4B
Marie Feeney 5A
Donna Lee CCU
Maria Bouikidis CCU
Satish Chopade CCU
Dawn Smith CCU
Teresa Yankanich CCU
Sebastian Alappattu ER
Sue Cleary ER
Debbie Cushine ER
Chrys Chareczko ER
Lauren Kowalick ER
Debbie Bilse OR
Margaret Lawler PACU
Colleen Dunn SDS