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Lower Bucks Hospital Nurses Association


Shirley Crowell   Co-President   4 South   9531  
Gina Torano   Co-President   ICU   9398  
Irene Turfitt   Treasurer   4 North   9886  
Marilyn Cawthon   Membership Secretary   ICU    
Barbara Kelly   Recording Secretary   ER   9501  
Judi LaPolla   Member at Large   4 North   9886  

Unit Representives

Kimberly Creedon   Nurse Rep   4 East    
Michele Piccione   Nurse Rep   4 East    
Judi LaPolla   Nurse Rep   4 North   9886  
Kathy Anderson   Nurse Rep   4 South   9531  
Deborah Remer   Nurse Rep   ASC-RR    
Margaret Klemp   Nurse rep   CCU      
Denise Horst   Nurse rep   ER   9501  
Barbara Kelly   Nurse rep   ER   9501  
Mona Silver   Nurse rep   ER   9501  
Marilyn Cawthon   Nurse rep   ICU    
Shirley Crowell   Nurse rep   ICU   9550  
Sandra Bingle   Nurse rep   MHU    
Barbara Sullivan   Nurse rep   MHU   9521  
Tina Werkheiser   Nurse rep   Nursery   9581  
Constance Day   Nurse rep   PACU    
Gina Torano   Nurse rep   PACU