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Crozer Chester Nurses Association


Bobbi McClay   President   SPU
Mary Trzeciak
  Vice President   1 West
Helen Vella   Secretary   Case Manager
Deborah Jowanna   Treasurer   Case Mgt
Carol McNasby
  Grievance Chair   Case Mgt
Kim Brounce   Management Liaison   Shock Trauma


Areas & Stewards:

Areas: OR, PACU, SPU

Steward Steward's Unit and Shift
Bobbi McClay SPU Days
Bruce Malloy PACU Days
Joe Scarpato OR Days

Areas: 1 North, 1 West, 2 East, M/S Pool, Pysch

Steward Steward's Unit and Shift
Mary Trzeciak 1 West Rotate
Patricia Farr Psych WE PMs
Barbara Myers CM Days

Areas: 2 South, 2 North, Telemetry, SDU

Steward Steward's Unit and Shift
Cheryl Alessandrini 2 North Days
Mary McBride 2 North Days
Colleen Fernandez 2 North Days

Areas: CM, GI, IR, EP Lab, CC Lab, Cancer Center, Clinics

Steward Steward's Unit and Shift
Helen Vella CM Days
Kathy Toomey Endo/Gastro
Ruth Hansell 2 South Days
Donna Lavin-Reed CM Days

Areas: STU, BTC, CC Pool, ER

Steward Steward's Unit and Shift
Maria Kalinowski Step Down Days
Kathy Stewart Telemetry
Carol McNasby CM Days
Gary Bates ER Rotate
Sue Ridinger ER 11a - 11p

L&D, ICN, Mat/Child, PEDS

Steward Steward's Unit and Shift
Amy Cullinan Mat/Child WE
Ann Lane Invasive Cardio
Debbie Jowanna CM Days
Peggy Dumas L&D PMs    

The Evidence is in: Safe nurse-to-patient ratios prevent medical errors, save lives and can reduce health care costs by 30%.

A message from the Crozer RNs about Safe Staffing.

See the Scientific Research Supporting Ratios