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Community Medical Center Scranton

Northeast Pennsylvania Nurses Association (NEPANA)

Executive Board

Roben Schwartz (PACU) President
Linda Scott (OR) Vice President
Debra Schreck (PACU) Secretary
Kathleen Tugend (OR/Heart Team) Treasurer
Patricia James (OR) Membership Chair
open Grievance Chair
Laurie Petroski (D-6/Med Surg) Officer at Large
Cheryl Fritzen (Quality Review) Officer at Large

Nurse Organizers

Dee Fryzel PACU
Barbara Puntar OR/ASU
Mary Ann Eglesia OR
Toni Carpenter ASU Pre-op
Chuck Wrobel Anesthesia
Jen Huber Telemetry
Frank Reid Cath Lab
Linda Zientek Clinical Effectiveness
Mary Herbert Anesthesia
Danielle Krimmel D-5/Advanced Care
Christine Tyrell D-6/ER
Randolph Ruffin ICU
Rita Craven D-6/Utilization Review
Van White ICU
Chris Sestilli OR
Laurie Petroski D6 Med Surg
Jody Carey D6 Med Surg