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Butler Memorial

Officers & Representatives

Karla Ansani Wurm President
Rose Szybka Vice President
Ginger Markle Treasurer
Katrina Moore Secretary
Tammy May Member at Large
Shannon Herrington Member at Large
Tammy Kaufman Member at Large

Unit Representatives

Cindy Angert TCF
Carrie Offen TCF
Karla Wurm ED
Rose Szybka ED
Donna Pricer ED
Gretchen Clouse 5T
Cheryl Kienzle 5T
John DeSanti SICU
Tammy May SICU
Tammy Kaufman MICU
Shannon Herrington MICU
Ginger Markle Float Pool
Heidi Friel Float Pool
Becky Waltman 3 South
Connie Codispot 3 South
Andrea Silverio 3 South
Carol Pavlina 5 Main
Michelle Govan 5 Main
Karla Pagan 5 Main
Chris Haslett 5 Main
Martina Felix 5 North
Sheilah Angeloni 5 North
Trish Hurley 5 North