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Local Leadership

PASNAP Executive Board

Patricia Eakin, RN, President
Temple University Hospital

Ed Dubin, RN, Vice President
Crozer-Chester Medical Center

Stanley Wielgopolski, RN, Treasurer
Wilkes-Barre General Hospital

Phyllis Brown, RN, Board of Directors
Temple University Hospital

Bobbi McClay, RN, Board of Directors
Crozer-Chester Medical Center

Tammy May, RN, Board of Directors
Butler Memorial Hospital

Susan Wiiloughby, RN, Board of Directors
Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital

Dawn Ali, RN, Board of Directors
Brooke Glen Behavioral Hospital

Roben Schwartz, RN, Board of Directors
Community Medical Center


Local Presidents

Brooke Glen Behavioral Hospital
Sheila Helge, RN

Butler Memorial Hospital
Karla Ansani Wurm, RN

Crozer Chester Medical Center
Bobbi McClay, RN

Crozer Chester Paramedics
Don Long

Lower Bucks Hospital
Gina Torano, RN
Shirley Crowell, RN

Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital
Marci Keating, RN
Susan Willoughby, RN

Mercy Suburban Hospital
Beth Doyle, RN

Temple University Hospital, Nurses
Maureen May, RN

Temple University Hospital, Allied Health Professionals
Lorenzo Glover

Temple Jeanes Hospital
Chrystyna Chareczko, RN
Donna Lee, RN

Warren General Hospital
Leslie McGary, RN
Jodie Mashensic, RN

Wills Eye Surgical Center
Donald Cubler, RN

Wyoming Valley Hospital
Frances Prusinski, RN

Wyoming Valley CRNAs
John Dushanko, Jr, CRNA